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Winter Driving Preparedness

It maybe nice out, but….



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Whendriving in winter weather: 

·       Stayoff the road during and after a winter storm.

·       Installgood winter tires. Make sure each tire has enough tread.

·       Keepyour gas tank full. A full tank keeps the fuel line from freezing, and it’salso a good idea in case you lose power.

·       Buildan emergency kit with winter essentials. Include weather clothes, a blanket,and an ice scraper.

For the fulllist of items to keep in your car emergency kit, visit: https://www.ready.gov/car.


You Have The Right To Know About Hazardous Chemicals In Your County!

P.L. 99-499 is the Emergency Planning and Community Right To Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986, and Title III of the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA) gives you that right!

Federal Law P.L. 99-499 was enacted in October 1986, by the U.S. Congress to protect and inform all citizens of the existence of hazardous chemicals that may be manufactured, stored, distributed, and/or used in the community. Information about these hazardous chemicals and locations within Buffalo County is available for public review Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. contact:

Bruce Fuerbringer, Emergency Management Director
Buffalo County Courthouse
407 South Second Street
Alma, WI 54610

* The Emergency Management Office is located in the basement of the courthouse, room B-2.
Information available includes lists of reporting facilities, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), inventory form of chemicals, emergency response plans, and, if there are any filed, follow-up emergency notices of releases from facilities.

Copies of the documents may be made at the expense of the requester at the rate of $.25 per page. Telephone inquiries as to specific information contained in the files will not be accepted.

Information available is limited to compliance with P.L. 99-499 and does not include all chemicals that may prove a threat to humans, animals, or the environment.

Public concerns associated with EPCRA can be addressed at the next Local Emergency Planning Committee meeting scheduled for May 17, 2018 at 2:00 p.m., in the Second Floor Conference Room. Please call the Courthouse prior to attending to ensure the time has not been changed.

AlertSense Alerts. Click on the image below to signup for severe weather warning alerts and mobile app download.


Contact Interim Emergency Management Director Bruce Fuerbringer for questions or more information.